Friday, August 6, 2010

Do you not know how to use a remote control or push the button on your radio to change the channel?

Look, I understand how so many people feel FOX News is really loud. But Freedom of Speech allows them to have their say BUT Freedom of Choice allows you to not listen. Exercises your right not to listen. All of you people who complain so much of what they are saying, are giving them more air time. If you don't like it stop airing it. I watch FOX because it is the only station that is giving me pause to think, but you don't have to. It really is that simple!!!!! The one person who is really causing people to watch FOX is our President. He nicely bashes them and it makes people curious. What American won't watch what others put down, lol. Thank you Mr. President.Do you not know how to use a remote control or push the button on your radio to change the channel?
Those that bash FOX obviously have not watched it. People need to make decisions on their own. I fully agree with your point though disagree that those who bash FOX are informed. They are clearly ignorant and have not even watched FOX and compared facts to the news they view.

Watch C-SPAN some day where a major issue is being discussed. That night watch the various news channels and you will notice ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN all take what was discussed during the day out of context and significantly spin the news. They clearly do this to the point of misrepresenting the day's events. FOX news doesn't do this. They report the news and let the people decide. I didn't used to believe in media bias and had never seen FOX news until I was sick one day and watched C-SPAN. That evening my wife had the news on, I believe ABC, and they were completely misrepresenting the day's events and took a quote completely out of context. They actually spun it 180 degrees from the point of the 5 minute speech. I was amazed so I turned on the other channels and found similar journalistic violations. I tried FOX and they were the only one that accurately reported the day's events. Since then I've done this several times and my statement still holds true. Now I do watch FOX more than the other channels though that's because I want the truth and not spin.

I don't care if anyone believes me, I do care if you try this yourself and make up your own mind. Please do this on your own and make your own decision. I'm confident you will come to the same result I have on several different occasions though I want you to be the judge and learn for yourself.Do you not know how to use a remote control or push the button on your radio to change the channel?
The funny thing is how the rhetoric changes to fit their view. I remember when Jerry Falwell and the Moral Majority were attacking tv. The answer from left was always ';if you don't like it change the channel';. However they do not apply the same caveat to themselves. Make no mistake those who attack Fox most vociferously are those who want only their views to be heard.
Tell that to the family of the Doctor Bill O'Reilly's boy shot in Church in cold blood.

Can they just ';change the channel.';

This abuse of ';free speech'; has gotten WAY out of hand - constant lying and tacitly approving violence is NOT part of political discourse.
I don't argue that Fox should be shut down. And I know how not to watch it, thanks. I argue that if you actually want to know what's going on in the world you shouldn't limit yourself to such an obviously biased news source. TV news is all about ratings.

Try reading. The Economist, for example. If Fox is giving you pause to think, you might want to broaden your exposure a little bit.
I don't watch TV news, but here's what I've heard and read this week.

On FOX: Exposed an acceptance of child prostitution, tax evasion, slavery, and possibly even murder within an organization of 400,000 members in 100 major US cities.

On ABC, CBS and NBC: Michelle won some sort of best dressed contest.

Which is news?

I found this Zogby Poll interesting as it shows a stark difference between people who watch network media and those who watch Fox:鈥?/a>
I watch FOX because MSNBC, CNN, and the rest usually make me sick to my stomach.

Hardball is the single most bias news show there ever was on any TV.

Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman are comedians. Rachael Maddow is so stupid, I would watch a short of the three stooges and find that more believable.

FOX has it's faults, but Fur Christ's Sake, at least they ain't a comedy channel.
Thank you outraged~~you said a mouthful

just like there is a million radio and tv programs selling religion and

snake oil pitchmen and colon cleaners up the ying yang~~and so on

Why do people just turn the knob or use the remote

I am old~as there is no KNOBS anymore since the new radios and tv

but punch some kind of device but let the Airways remain free

it is your choice

~~good question
I watch MSNBC every morning to get both views. I think Morning Joe is one of the best morning programs on TV, although they do give more time to liberals.

That said, Fox is responsible for Van Jones resignation and for ACORN getting their federal funding taken away. That is quite significant.
More need to pay attention to FOX. They expose corruption while the others try to cover it up. And not to worry about Obama being on Fox News Sunday to push his agenda. He'll be on 5 other stations, buy he doesn't have the balls to be on FOX.
If we can be arrested for shouting fire in a theater, it would then stand to reason that we can hold the media liable for the accuracy of what they broadcast.

What Fox broadcast tantamounts to shouting fire in a theater.
But that would make sense. Besides, people have come to believe they have the constitutional right to ban any expression of belief, fact, or opinion that they find objectionable.
I agree with your statement.

Now, why don't conservatives quit complaining about the mainstream media being biased and change the channel?

It's really that simple!!!!!!!
Don't worry I don't pay attention. I didn't even know the 9/12 thingee had happened until after it happened. Hey I have no problem with them exercising their rights, just as long as those rights don't interfere with mine.
Fox News should post ';FOR THINKING ADULTS ONLY';, children and the nearly brain dead should stick to having the Liberal ';WEEKLY READER'; read to them.
I know that...that is why I don't turn to it.
I say just pull their FCC license. It's too much effort to change the channel and I'd rather have another shopping network.
Whats your question...?
When drooling, rightwing Conservative wackos continuously regurgitate every opinion, screed and unsourced diatribe spewed by Fox ';News'; and talk radio and label them as ';Facts'; then it becomes much more than just an issue of not listening or changing the channel.

It's not so much that we (the sane people) choose to listen or not listen, but that we're forced by the constant barrage of swill being excreted by these nutballs to at least try to address the bilge we're being showered with.

We'd like nothing more than to ignore the sty that they wallow in...they just keep getting their slop all over the rest of us.
This reminds me of when some people were offended by the Howard Stern radio show. Howard asked them why they listened to the show if it offended them so much. They said they weren't really listening to it, they were ';monitoring'; it.

Interesting mentality at work there...
I listen to Fox News no matter how loud it is, It's the truth station!

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